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Cloche Hat

Figurehead of the 20s and 30s, feminine side of the bowler hat, this terribly feminine bibi is second to none to reveal the beautiful face of the ladies. Despite the irreducible reference to Chanel period, its cabarets and the society nights of Gatsby the Magnificent, cloche hats have crossed the time without going old-fashioned.
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Charleston and Cloche Hat

They are submissive to all your ideas and are perfectly convenient to modern styles, diverted to neo-burlesque, modern punk, etc.

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The cloche hat, the indispensable of the roaring twenties.

The cloche hat is a feminine accessory that has been very famous in the 1920s. It is recognizable thanks to its non-hollowed round crown and to its rather large brims according to the model. We offer you a selection of these headdresses which were all the rage during the roaring twenties. Made of straw for the summer and of felt for the winter, any excuse will do to pick one. As said earlier, the hat was <> but in fact, these words are not too strong. In the beginning of the 20th century, it was neither <> nor <> but all the women who were wearing a cloche. In the famous film of Mr Hazanavicius, you clearly saw this headgear decorate the head of the renowned Bérénice Bejo by Jean Dujardin's side. It's the tomboy trend that wanted this hat to be famous. The present trend which began in the 19th century is the Vintage. More and more people are wearing a retro outfit or accessory simply to make a leap backward in time. Since those pieces are rare and almost no longer made nowadays, it is necessary to wear vintage outfits to appear authentic and affirm one's identity. Make then a little tour through our website but never forget: Vintage is always honoured at Bon Clic Bon Genre!


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